Little treat everyday. For free. Again :)

Hey guys! After a while, we opened our "FREE WALLPAPERS" section again, with a brand new pictures from our recent travels. We will be adding a new picture everyday, as we previously did in 2016. The picture always corresponds with the song of the day on our youtube channel, and usually also same as our Instagram/Facebook post, so you can check these sites for updates. 

We've already uploaded pictures from SEPTEMBER and a half of OCTOBER, following our trips to Baltic Sea, Germany and sunrise/sunset missions in our country. 

We want to improve our skills by creating everyday, and this is a powerful motivation for us. We will try to upload them everyday from now till forever.

You can use these pictures as a wallpaper and under these conditions: (CC) Creative Commons for non-commercial use, read more here. For business inquiries please contact us at


     M & M.  CVS team <3