Filming official music video in Madeira w/ Lake Malawi ~

When someone told us 3 years ago that we are going to be shooting an official music video for this Czech indie band in Madeira, we wouldn't believe it. At that time, the only videos and pictures we took were with our cellphones and we had no idea where our life will be heading in the following months. Few weeks ago we premiered the video on a czech mainstream TV and officially released on Czech Vibes Sound on 21st. September 2017. 


The plan was to create a music video in our usual style - nature, roadtrip, emotions. At that time, we knew that we would definitely go somewhere abroad, first we thought Scotland but it was getting cold outside (it was October 2016). Madeira's clima is pleasant all year, so we were looking forward to escaping the November sleet. We arrived to the wonderful 25 C°, but the weather forecast for the shooting days was not friendly at all  or at least the way we imagined it. The local people also warned us that the storm would come and that it would rain for the whole week.


The rain really accompanied us all the time, and there were constant problems with the borrowed oldschool Van which was a big part of our music video. So when it was not heavily raining, we got stucked somewhere in the Madeira hills in the middle of nowhere. Because of all these events, nothing was left out of our previous script, and we had to start improvising, figuring out what's the new plan and adjusting to the realtime conditions.  At some moments we thought giving up, but we always managed to solve the situation no matter how difficult it was. Hard but amazing and unforgettable 3 days in the wild. It was a huge experience for us.


Filming an official music video for the first time, in a foreign country and with all these unexpected events. When we recap the filming almost a year later, we really learnt so much from this whole project. We realized that the plan may be perfect, but the reality and the power of moment can move the project to a completely different direction. 
There is a truth in the rule "the best way to learn is to make mistakes." 


Lake Malawi ~ Bottom of the Jungle [Official Music Video]